My friend Heidi and I took our boys to the zoo last Friday. I didn't think my boys would care much but they actually really liked it. Alec was fascinated by the animals and Dylan wanted to climb in with the monkeys. I think their favorite was the penguins.


Lori said...

Your little boys are cute little monkeys!

Melissa and Aaron said...

I like the pictures from the zoo. How fun! It's so sad that your little one burned his hand, but I think the nicknames make you guys awesome parents:) Haha!

Nicho and Stace said...

they have really grown! i'm excited to see them again soon. coming down for turkey day?

Laura said...

I still try to climb in with the monkeys, they always look like they are having so much fun!
I am adding you to my blog list, check out mine! :)
Miss ya!