Halloween Crazies

We had a crazy and fun Halloween. Its the boys first time dressing up. Trevor and I went to a costume party and when Trevor came out all painted up Dylan screamed his head off. He was terrified of Trevor. He kept running to my brother for safety. Alec just laughed he thought his dad and mom looked pretty silly. You'll have to scroll down and start from the bottom, since I messed up the order.

Umpa-Luma Dupity Do

The After Party

Father of the Things

Mother of the Things



My friend Heidi and I took our boys to the zoo last Friday. I didn't think my boys would care much but they actually really liked it. Alec was fascinated by the animals and Dylan wanted to climb in with the monkeys. I think their favorite was the penguins.


Alec burnt his hand on the fireplace. Poor guy. Trevor has been calling him the "club" since he only has use of his thumb. I call him "tiny tim". We're such loving parents.


We took a trip up to Mirror Lake with our friends the Earls, and Romneys. It was the first time the boys saw a fish. Alec couldn't stop laughing. He thought they were so funny. And crazy Dylan, we could not pry his hands off the motor bikes. He loves to ride with Trevor. I should of known, he takes after his CRAZY father.

Whenever Trevor gets
any free time he's out
on his bobcat. The
boys love to sit with
him while hes moving
dirt. Its a guy thing.

In July I ran my first race.
It was a 10k (6.2 miles)
called the Speedy Spaniard.
I ran it in 59 min. so I was
pretty proud. Next year
I'm going to try for a
half-marathon. Anyone
up for it?
Just to let you all know, I'm not very good at this blogging thing and this template, well all the templates drive me nuts because I don't know how to use them very well. Being a designer it really really bugs me, since I can't get anything to line up. AHHHH! Anyways please don't judge my page I'm going to get better with time, hopefully I can find some help along the way.

Boys turned 1

The boys turned 1 Aug. 8 we had a big party. I know its Sept. but hey life is crazy. All the family came to celebrate. The boys got so many toys they didn't know what to do with them all.As you can see they got cake EVERYWHERE!


Pack'em Up

This is our new home. We decided to upgrade so we made the big trek from Orem to Spanish Fork in January. We really love it here. We have great neighbors and a wonderful ward. Trevor just finished the landscaping in the front yard and isn't it gorgeous.